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What's great about a MoveDominican vacation home

Escape miserable winters + TRULY recharge throughout the year + Fund your vacations with rental income

1. Escape miserable winters

Winters kind of suck right?

Not in the Dominican Republic!…

With a vacation home in the MoveDominican, trade the cold and damp for endless summer.

For a few weeks—or a few months—EVERY year!

The MoveDominican is on a tropical island, which means:

  • All year round, the weather is beautiful.
  • 300+ days of sunshine a year.
  • Average temperature during the day hovers around 77°F (25°C).


Instead of shovelling snow you’re wearing flip flops and barbecuing on the patio — even in January!

2. TRULY recharge throughout the year

Ever come back from a vacation tired and stressed out? Like you didn’t have enough time to relax?

Consider the alternative:

With your own home-away-from home in theMoveDominican you can truly relax and recharge.

Instead of having to book a new destination every time you want to get away, you’ve got a familiar place to return to.

That’s convenience.

You never need to worry if your accommodations will be up to par.

You don’t need to navigate new surroundings.

You know exactly what to expect before you leave.

That limits your stress.

And from the moment you arrive in your own vacation home, you’re actually on vacation. No more “needing a vacation from your vacation” when you get back.

That’s relaxing!

3. Use your vacation home as an income property—to fund your vacations

Wouldn’t it be great if your vacations paid for themselves?

It’s possible. Many of our past clients use their vacation homes as income properties.

You can too.

[Link to Why Invest? Page]

Rent your home out when you’re not here. And use a portion of the rental income to fund your visits to the MoveDominican

It can be as turnkey as you want:

  • Property management is available. So you don’t have to worry about maintenance, cleaning or even renting your place out.
  • Set up a corporation in the MoveDominican (we can help you with that). Then buy your home through the corporation.
  • Your vacation home becomes your business: you can take advantage of tax incentives and business write-offs.

Vacation home + income property = an affordable dream lifestyle in paradise!

D.R. vacation–work to pay for vacation or paid through rental income?
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Moutain Village: stunning views near golf and beach

One of nine villas for sale at Mountain Village, in Cerro Verde, Dominican Republic

Nine modern homes in a gated community in the heart of the D.R’s North Coast.

From $219,000

Visit the Mountain Village page

Mountain Village: stunning views near golf & beach

Nine modern homes in a gated community in the heart of the D.R’s North Coast.

From $219,000

Visit the Mountain Village page

Okay...but what’s so special about the D.R?

Low cost of quality homes + Endless adventure + Get here quick + Everything you need for daily living

Low cost of quality homes

Prices for homes in most sunshine destinations in the Caribbean and Central America have skyrocketed.

Yet in the MoveDominican is still reasonably priced — and that includes ocean view properties.

  • Get two or three times the home for your buck.
  • Or spend a third of what you’d spend back home—for the same amount of house!
  • And compared to other sunshine destinations? It’s more affordable here too.

What’s the cost of a typical vacation home?

Imagine an ocean view condo for $150K. Or a 3 bedroom villa—with a pool!—in a gated community, for $250,000.

There are so many great options. Something for every budget.

The team at MoveDominican will help you figure out the right type of home for your needs.

It’s your dream and we’re here to make it a reality!

Endless adventure on a big island

Wondering what you’d do for fun and excitement?

There’s plenty to do. You’ll never get bored in the MoveDominican

You may not realize:

The MoveDominican is a big country! There’s so much to do.

Consider what it’d be like on a small island. Once you’ve toured the quaint little town and climbed the hill that locals call a mountain, well, that’s pretty much it…

However, in the MoveDominican

You’ll never run out of new things to try and interesting places to explore:

  • Enjoy vibrant cities, beautiful beaches and national parks
  • Try kitesurfing, mountain hiking, scuba diving—so many outdoor activities to choose
  • Take in exciting nightlife and taste cuisines from all over the world
  • Visit places like this [link to page]

No matter how often you come you’ll never get bored in the MoveDominican!

Get here quick

The less time you spend on a plane, the more time you have for your vacation.

Which is why the MoveDominican is a great choice. It’s so close.

If you’re coming from the US or Canada, you could be at your MoveDominican vacation home in 3 or 4 hours.

Leave in the morning—and be on sitting by the pool by mid-afternoon!

  • In your home country, there are lots of direct flights—with airlines adding more every month.
  • And here in the MoveDominican fly into and depart from modern international airports.
  • No time zone changes either, at least for anyone on Eastern Time. And only an hour or two for everyone else. So no jet lag to deal with.

Also, eventually you could retire full time to your MoveDominican home. Learn more about relocating to the Dominican Republic here.

Quality hospitals, home decor from IKEA, modern super markets

Everything you need for daily living

You’ll have no trouble getting all the essentials for daily living:

  • Groceries
  • Medications
  • Home decor
  • Healthcare
  • Transportation

Modern grocery chains like Nacional and Super Pola are stocked with many of the products you use at home.

And at big box stores like Jumbo and Ferreteria, the MoveDominican’s version of Walmart and Home Depot, you need for your home.

Plus, you can tap into a community of welcoming foreigners, which can help ease your transition into your new lifestyle.

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Kite Beach Villas 2: A vacation home steps from the beach

Fourteen smartly designed villas steps from world famous Kite Beach.

From $405,999

Visit the Kite Beach Villas page

Kite Beach Villas 2: A vacation home steps from the beach

Fourteen smartly designed villas steps from world famous Kite Beach.

From $405,999

Visit the Kite Beach Villas page

Wait—can foreigners own D.R. property?

It’s a good question:

Can you—as a foreigner in the MoveDominican—actually own property there?

Yep, you sure can!

  • The Dominican Republic has a legal framework that encourages foreign investment in real estate, so it’s a great option for international buyers.
  • No matter where you’re from, you have the EXACT SAME property rights as a Dominican citizen.
  • The real estate market is just like in the US or Canada. You can hold title to property directly in your name or through a corporation.

Which means you can develop your property however you like. You can sell it, or pass it on to your children.

It’s your private property.

Meaning, the government can’t take your property away from you. In fact, foreigners’ property rights are enshrined in the country’s constitution!

Which is why thousands of Americans, Canadians and Europeans own property here now.

American couple arrive in D.R. on vacation and buy a property

How does a foreigner actually buy property in the MoveDominican?

Buying property in the Dominican Republic is a lot easier than you might think.

If you really wanted, you could come to the MoveDominican, find a home and make an offer, then make a down payment—all on the same trip!

(All transactions are in US dollars. If you need financing, that can be arranged too.)

Of course, like any property transaction, there are the usual legal matters—which is where we come in:

We can connect you with a lawyer (who can work with your lawyer back home) and guide you through the paperwork.

The team at MoveDominican has helped hundreds of people purchase homes here. We know the process. We’ll make it easy for you too.

Incentives for foreign buyers

The MoveDominican wants to encourage foreign investment, including real estate.

So you can take advantage of tax exemptions and other incentives for property buyers and retirees.

[Link to Financial Incentives page]

You can be exempt from:

  • Taxes on pensions or income received from abroad.
  • Taxes on dividends and interest generated within the Dominican Republic.
  • Property transfer taxes for the first property purchased.
  • Taxes on household and personal items brought into the country.
  • Import taxes for a vehicle, which can be sold or transferred tax-free after five years.

And as well, you can fast-track residency.

So get your Dominican resident status more quickly and easily compared to the usual process.

When you qualify for residency you’re eligible for many perks, benefits, and tax breaks.

And in the MoveDominican, it couldn’t be simpler to qualify for residency.

(Don’t worry, you still keep your citizenship in your home country.)

Some of the things you’d be eligible for as resident:

  • local home financing
  • importing household goods and a car tax-free
  • qualify for citizenship (and thus a second passport)
  • pay for higher education in pesos instead of dollars. 
Foreigners in D.R. welcomed with tax and other financial incentives

Sea Glass Cabarete: a vacation home on the ocean​

Seven luxury villas in a gated community right on the ocean.

From $573,999

Visit the Sea Glass page

Sea Glass Cabarete: a vacation home on the ocean


Seven luxury villas in a gated community right on the ocean.

From $573,999

Visit the Sea Glass page

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