Healthcare in the Dominican Republic | 2023/ 2024

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Understanding Public Healthcare in the Dominican Republic

Public Healthcare in the Dominican Republic provides free hospital admission, but charges apply for specific services like stitches and x-rays. Additionally, patients or their families must supply their own necessities such as pillows, sheets, food, and toilet paper during their hospital stay. This system highlights a balance between freely accessible healthcare services and individual responsibility for certain care aspects.

Healthcare in the Dominican Republic: An Overview

Healthcare in the Dominican Republic, a nation situated in the Americas region with Santo Domingo as its capital, is a complex and multifaceted subject that demands consideration.

The country’s healthcare system has shown marked improvement in recent years, providing affordable services compared to Europe and the US. One standout feature of the Dominican Republic’s healthcare is its exemplary dental services, which have elevated the nation’s status in the field of medical tourism.

Healthcare Quality and Costs: A Regional Perspective

However, it’s crucial to acknowledge that the quality and cost of healthcare can significantly differ across the regions of the Dominican Republic, thus underlining the importance of health insurance, particularly in areas with high tourist density.

Dominican republic hospitals

Health insurance for expats in Dominican republic and private Hospitals 

Advanced Healthcare in Punta Cana

Punta Cana, a prominent location in the Dominican Republic, is well-known for its sophisticated healthcare options. Private hospitals in this area are lauded for providing North American standard of care. This fact makes healthcare for tourists and expats a significant point of interest, as these groups typically opt for private healthcare to avoid the lower-quality public options.

Dominican republic hospital cost / The Two-Tier Dominican Republic Healthcare System

The Dominican Republic employs a two-tier healthcare system, with public clinics and services sometimes falling short of first-world standards. Conversely, the private sector offers top-notch facilities and services, particularly in major cities like Santo Domingo and Santiago, and in tourist zones, albeit at a higher cost.

Progress in Health Insurance: Introduction of Social Security

The advent of a social security system for basic health insurance marks a significant progression. However, the government continues to grapple with the considerable investment required to cater to the healthcare needs of its citizenry and immigrant patients alike.

Life Expectancy and Healthcare Challenges in the Dominican Republic

Ultimately, a key metric in evaluating healthcare in the Dominican Republic is life expectancy, which provides a general indication of the country’s health landscape. With a life expectancy standing at 72.89 years and a neonatal mortality rate of 23 per 1,000 live births, these figures bring to light both the improvements and challenges that still need to be addressed within the Dominican healthcare system.

World-class healthcare in the Dominican Republic for you and your family | 2023/2024

When it comes to healthcare, the Dominican Republic is far ahead of most other Caribbean countries.

Not only is the quality of medical care superior, wait times for treatments are shorter and costs lower.

Here are the key points to know:

  • Private hospitals provide first-rate North American quality care (or even better) at an affordable price.
  • Many doctors trained at medical schools in North America and usually speak English.
  • All medicines are available through hospitals and pharmacies.
  • You can easily obtain affordable and flexible health insurance that will cover your needs. 

As a frequent visitor or resident in the D.R., you can rest easy knowing you can get the care you need if and when you need it.  

Healthcare in the Dominican Republic: An Essential Guide for Expats

Are you considering living in the Dominican Republic full or part-time? If so, understanding your healthcare options is paramount. Whether you’re a frequent vacationer or planning to move here permanently, access to quality healthcare is crucial for your peace of mind.

Let’s be clear; nobody hopes to utilize healthcare services, but when the need arises, you want to ensure you and your family receive the best care possible.

Fortunately, the North Coast of the Dominican Republic boasts top-tier healthcare, with well-trained, English-speaking staff. Since the healthcare reforms in 2001, the standard of care has drastically improved.

Healthcare in the D.R. operates on a two-tiered system. The upper echelon, the private sector, provides superior services and is typically where foreigners in the D.R. find their care. Despite improvements in the public sector, it still falls short of first-world standards.

With these reforms, the D.R. has developed a reputation for high-quality medical care, equipped with world-class facilities and highly skilled professionals.

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Clean, modern healthcare facilities + well-educated physicians

Twenty years ago, the Dominican Republic significantly reformed its healthcare system.

Now, in the big cities and major tourist areas like the North Coast and Punta Cana, the quality of healthcare is first rate.

At both hospitals and private clinics, doctors and other medical staff are well-trained. They’re often educated abroad, mostly in the United States. And they’ll usually be able to speak to you in English.

One tip:

If you ever need to visit a hospital or clinic, ask for English-speaking before you’re admitted. That way, you’ll fully understand procedures, processes and pricing.

A doctor for you & your family

General practitioners and family doctors aren’t very common in the DR.

Instead of a GP, you can choose an internist (and a pediatrician for children), who you can see for basic needs and referrals to specialists as required.

Private clinics for elective treatments

The DR attracts people looking for high-end medical services, including laser surgeries and dentistry.

This include medical tourists from the United States, Canada and Europe. As well, many people from other Caribbean islands visit for the medical expertise here in the DR.

These types of services are usually offered at private clinics with the most modern equipment and staffed by physicians who are often educated in North America.

Prices are usually quite reasonable, especially compared to what you’d pay in the United States.


Your health insurance options

As an expat in the Dominican Republic, you’ll need private health insurance or complementary insurance to fill any gaps in coverage costs, i.e. what you have to pay for each visit or treatment. 

For a couple, the average cost of an advanced plan will cost around $700 to $1500 USD per year. 

Typically, plans will cover:

  • doctor’s visits
  • hospital stays
  • in-hospital medicines
  • dental procedures
  • ambulance services
  • transport costs back to your home country for additional care

Health insurance plans are offered on a yearly basis for full-time residents, or quarterly basis, a perfect choice for Snowbirds.

Medical insurance plans come in various types

  • Broad Coverage: Covers your medical expenses, possibly including medications. You’ll still need to have the cash to pay the bill at the time services are provided.
  • Partial Coverage: Covers a certain portion of each bill. For example, you might be responsible for RD$50-RD$100 of any doctor’s fee of RD$600 (RD is Dominican Republic pesos). With this coverage, you’re restricted to a list of physicians or clinics, which will change from time to time.
  • Foreign Insurance: Foreign insurance companies operating in the DR (primarily from the US) offer insurance that includes coverage abroad. This insurance is really only for major care, so to reduce the cost, purchase a policy with a very high deductible (excess) for overseas care.

Navigating Healthcare in the Dominican Republic: Your Trusted Guide

As you can see, navigating the landscape of healthcare and insurance in the Dominican Republic can seem complex, but it doesn’t have to be. Many expats, investors, and long-term visitors have successfully established themselves here, enjoying not only the beautiful environment but also the peace of mind that comprehensive healthcare coverage brings.

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Healthcare on the D.R.’s North Coast

People are often surprised by just how advanced the level of medical care is on the North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

With the large number of expats who have made their homes on the North Coast for decades, it’s no surprise the medical services available in Puerto Plata, Sosua and Cabarete are as good as you’d get back home.

Centro Medico Cabarete, Cabarete & Sosua

Almost all of your medical needs can be attended to at Centro Medico Cabarete, located 5 minutes from Cabarete. It’s a modern, clean and professionally facilty run by an Argentine doctor and his wife. English speaking staff are available.

At this full service hospital, you can access specialists for a range of medical issues,

  • Level 4 Intensive Care Unit
  • modern lab
  • full service surgery
  • diagnostic equipment (MRI).  

What is the best hospital in dominican republic?

Bournigal Hospital, Puerto Plata

Bournigal in Puerto Plata is a private hospital with excellent facilities and well-trained doctors. 

Hospital Metropolitan de Santiago provides advanced medical care to international patients.

Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago

For more advanced treatments and more specialized services, there’s HOMS Hospital in Santiago, 1 hour away.

This is a world-class facility and a destination provider of healthcare treatments for people from around the world. HOMS specializes in oncology, heart health, and even has robotic surgery options.

Healthcare in the Punta Cana region

Punta Cana has private hospitals with modern medical facilities and qualified professionals. Most hospitals have multilingual staff. Most private clinics and hospitals should accept your healthcare insurance.

Hospital IMG, Bavaro, Punta Cana

One of the best hospitals in the area is the Hospital IMG. The Hospital International Medical Group is a third level hospital center in Bávaro, Punta Cana. Built and equipped with high tech equipment, according to international standards and current standards of the Ministry of Health of the Dominican Republic.

This includes an advanced Cardiology Unit, with state of the art equipment to prevents, diagnose and treat heart disease. The hospital’s cardiology specialists are experts in their field. 

Staff are bilingual and well-trained staff. 


Healthcare peace of mind

You deserve to enjoy your time on the North Coast worry-free.

Hopefully, you’ll never need to use health care services here.

However, it’s good to know you and your family can get and pay for care, should it be needed.

Movedominican can help you be prepared. Get in touch if you’d like more information about healthcare services on the North Coast and health insurance options.

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