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Beachfront properties

Wake up every morning with the ocean at your doorstep.

City condominiums

Prefer the bustle of town life?

Luxury villas

Step into luxury with our carefully selected high-end villas.

Get exclusive access to unique real estate projects with MoveDominican.

Which community would you like to live in?

Kite Beach Villas

Almost sold out! Fourteen luxury villas just steps from world-famous Kite Beach. Financing available.

Brisas del Choco

CABARETE / SOSUA A 47-villa community designed for quiet residential living. Developer financing available.

Mountain Village

Nine villas in a gated community, only minutes from beaches and a PGA-level golf course.

MoveDominican is your
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Construction knowledge:

We can discern between quality builds and subpar constructions.

Legal knowledge:

The D.R. is a fully regulated real estate market—we're adept at navigating all the rules and regulations.

Market knowledge:

Stay ahead with us; we're deeply integrated into the Dominican real estate landscape.Get the best deal, whether you're buying or selling proper

There are 7 things your real estate agent won't (or can't) tell you about Dominican property...

With Dreaming D.R. as your property guide, you can...

buying, owning, and living

Learn all about buying, owning, and living in the DR with our resources, guides, and on-the-ground knowledge.

Make informed decisions

Navigate the real estate market with confidence, from your initial search for property to putting in an offer. 

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Best real estate and investment opportunities

What are you looking for?

Full-time residence

Live full-time as a resident in the Dominican Republic in a beautiful home.

Investment property

Great potential profit when you invest in the Dominican Republic real estate market.

Vacation home

Get away, whenever you want. A familiar place you can return to for years to come. 
Exclusive Project

Kite Beach Villas

Live steps away from Kite Beach. Experience quality construction and luxurious designs with promising income potential.

Find your place in the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is a BIG island. There's a place here to suit every lifestyle.

Maybe your new home is in Punta Cana, the Miami of the Caribbean. Or your dream home is on the North Coast, with it’s laid back vibe and beach towns like Sosua and Cabarete.

The North Coast–Puerto Plata, Sosua & Cabarete

The North Coast has it all, from Cabarete real estate to luxurious Sosua condos and Puerto Plata properties. Find your dream home in Cabarete, Sosua, or Puerto Plata with MoveDominican

Punta Cana & the eastern shore

Explore condos in Dominican Republic Punta Cana for sale. MoveDominican is your guide to invest in and own real estate in Dominican Republic Punta Cana.

Financial incentives in Dominican Republic for foreign investors

When you buy property in MoveDominican you’re considered a foreign investor. Which means you can benefit from several financial incentives to make your purchase easier and accelerate your return on investment.

Quality-built real estate projects in the Dominican Republic

Luxurious amenities

Designed to elevate your lifestyle.

Exclusive projects

Designed to suit North American tastes.

The perfect home

Something for everyone, whether a part-time vacation home, full-time residence, or investment property.

Invest in properties built to the highest construction standards. No cutting corners. Only the best materials. We take construction seriously and ensure it's done right the first time.

Exclusive projects

Discover exceptional, quality-built real estate projects designed to suit North American tastes.

Luxurious amenities

Many projects boast luxurious amenities and features designed to elevate your lifestyle.

The perfect home

Something for everyone, whether a part-time vacation home, full-time residence, or investment property.

A smart financial move at the right time

It's the right time to invest in Dominican property

—here's why

1. Great properties at reasonable prices

Property in great locations is still within reach for the typical investor. Even for beachfront and ocean view properties.

2. Financial incentives for investors

Enjoy tax breaks and reduced fees on property transactions. Maximize your return on investment!

3. Booming tourism demand

More than 7 million visitors visited the MoveDominican last year. M ajor hotels and cruise lines have invested to benefit from the boom. And now you can too.

Buying & selling real estate:

Find the property that meets YOUR criteria

Search listings by AGENT

Each of our agents specializes in different types of properties and locations.

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Focus your search for property on a specific area in Dominican Republic.

Search listings by PRICE

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Exclusive Project

Brisas del Choco

A 47-villa community designed for true residential living. 40% developer financing and 2-year price guarantee. Plus, complimentary shuttle service for all residents!

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Plan your purchase with our Scotiabank Mortgage Calculator. Explore loan possibilities and make informed decisions with the Scotiabank Loan Calculator.

Wait...Are you a property developer?

Dreaming D.R. has the expertise to MARKET and SELL your development. 

Does your development fit our portfolio?


Why own a home in the Dominican Republic?

It’s not just the amazing tropical climate, all year-round. You can live a comfortable lifestyle — at an affordable price.

Upgrade your lifestyle

Embrace a life where tropical beauty meets modern comfort, all at an exceptional value.

Affordable prices

Experience luxury that doesn’t break the bank. Secure a piece of paradise with our competitive property rates.

Financial incentives

The government wants foreigners to invest in dominican republic in the local economy, so offers several financial incentives to help you make the move.

Exclusive Project

Mountain Village

Stunning mountain views in a gated community near Playa Dorada. Easy access to golf, beaches and more.

MoveDominican listings: Find your perfect Dominican Republic property

Narrow your search to the properties that meet YOUR needs.

Amazing beachfront condos

Make every day a beach day! Our beachfront condos offer that and much more. 

Investment opportunities

Investment Investment opportunities that promise significant returns, blending luxury with lucrative investments.

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Within a specific distance

Find properties within a specific distance from your desired location.

Featured topic

Lifestyle types

Moving to the Dominican Republic (either part time or full time), gives you the opportunity to upgrade your lifestyle. The MoveDominican is a big island and it’s an affordable place for foreigners to live. There are so many things here to enrich your life that won’t cost you an arm and leg.Meaning…Living

MoveDominican. in Sosua: you'll find your dream home somewhere in the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

Punta Cana is the most popular tourist destination in the Caribbean. It's easy to see why. Located on the eastern coast of the Dominican Republic, the area is


Dive into the Vibrance of Sosúa, Dominican RepublicUncover the unparalleled charm of Sosúa – a mesmerizing blend of natural wonders, diverse cultures, and historical tales.Geographical


Do you like fabulous cuisine — made with fresh ingredients — from around the world? How about trying out a new water activity like kite surfing, surfing and various water sports

MoveDominican in Sosua:

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Our journey began just like yours—by moving to this paradise. Through the years, we’ve gained unparalleled insights, and we’re eager to share them with you.

Making the move to the MoveDominican involves a few steps.

With the right people guiding you, it will be a successful and rewarding journey.

That’s us!

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