Why consider property in the Dominican Republic?

A handy outline of key info about buying property in the D.R.

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Yes it’s true, Canadians can buy and own property in the D.R. 

In fact, it’s really easy to buy.

You see, the D.R. government wants to encourage foreign investment in a big way. So they’ve made it as easy as possible for you to buy property.

You don’t need a visa. You don’t need to be a citizen, or even a resident.

The big takeaway?

As a foreigner, you’ve got the EXACT same property rights as Dominicans. In fact, this right is even spelled out in the country’s constitution!

(Article 25 of the Constitution expressly states that foreign nationals are entitled to the same rights and duties in the Dominican Republic as Dominican nationals.)

Another key point:

All property is titled in the D.R. just like in North America.

This is just another way of saying every property has a rightful owner. And that no one can take it away from you—even the government.

You have full rights to your property. You can do whatever you want with it. You can even pass it on to your children.

This isn’t how it works in many other countries. You don’t have full property ownership. 

In Mexico, for instance, you get a 99-year lease. You don’t actually own your property! It can be taken away from you at any time.

It’s hard to beat the D.R: 

  • Full property rights, just like nationals
  • Full title to your property 
  • Plus great incentives for foreign buyers!

The business case is hard to beat:

  • Get 2 or 3 times the house you’d get in Canada.
  • Or pay a third of what you’d pay for property back home.

Even for ocean view homes!

Instead of spending $1M+ dollars on a fixer-upper in Canada, you can get a beautiful move-in ready home for a fraction of that. 

Then bank the rest—and live the Good Life!

Just a few examples of home prices:

(And that’s just a short list. Whatever home suits your lifestyle and your budget, we can help you find it.)

Of course, all of these homes are near modern grocery stores, top-quality healthcare facilities, and lots of great amenities

There’s a perfect home for everyone in the D.R.

Whatever home is best for you, we can find it!

Maybe you’d like a condo by the beach. Maybe you’d prefer a 3-bedroom villa in the hills overlooking the ocean. 

And what area?

You could be thinking something in Punta Cana. Or looking for a more relaxed vibe on the North Coast near Puerto Plata.


You don’t know exactly what you want yet—but would love to explore further.

The bottom line?

In the Dominican Republic, there’s so much to choose from. 

Just some of the options:

Types of home:

  • Condos or villas
  • Income properties, vacation homes or quiet residential living
  • Pre-construction (build your own home) and move-in ready (already built)
  • Larger, private lots



  • Gated communities
  • Amenities on-site, like restaurants, water parks, fitness centers, etc.
  • Focused on specific lifestyles, like retirement living, water sports, golf and more.


  • Beachfront, ocean view, mountain view and more
  • Near golfing, surfing, beaches
  • Close to daily amenities like groceries and restaurants
  • In-town, near town or secluded

Home features

  • Fully furnished, partly furnished, furniture packages
  • Private pools and community pools
  • Design upgrades

Dreaming D.R. will make sure you understand what’s available. 

And we’ll help you to find the home that’s just right for you.

Some of the main incentives to save you money, either on the purchase or ownership.

  • In some cases, you could be exempt from paying the 3% property transfer tax. 
  • The property tax in the D.R. is only 1%. However, it’s possible to get an exemption.
  • Capital Gains Tax: Capital gains tax on the sale of real estate by non-residents was 27% of the profit. However, you can qualify for a reduced tax rate on capital gains if hold the property for a certain number of years. This rate could be as low as 1% if the property was held for more than 10 years. 
  • For retirees: There’s a special residency program for retirees called “Pensionado”. This provides tax incentives to retirees, including exemptions from income tax on foreign-earned income (like pensions and social security).
  • If you’re investing in a property in an area where the government is actively promoting tourism, you could be eligible for additional incentives and tax breaks.

Dreaming D.R. can not only find you the perfect home…

We can also help you find the perfect method to finance the purchase.

Brittany Brunski is our Director of Financing. She worked as a mortgage specialist in Canada before moving to the D.R. to buy a home there.

She now helps our clients find the most effective way to finance their own home purchase. No matter where you live — Canada, US, Europe and beyond — Brittany and our team can find a creative financing solution for you.

There are a lot of possible options.

  • You can find financing in your home country, or bank or private financing in the D.R. 

  • If you’ve got equity in property elsewhere, we can figure out the best way to leverage it. 

  • And there are creative ways to streamline your purchase while reducing your tax burden.

For example, you can purchase your home through a corporation you set up in the D.R. Your corporation is exempt from taxes AND you can expense maintenance costs through it as well.

The main takeaway:

We’ve got a wealth of financial knowledge, based on years of experience, to share with you. We can find the best way to finance your purchase. And we help you MAXIMIZE your return on investment and MINIMIZE your tax obligations.

The D.R. is bigger than you think!

We’re talking 11 million people and 1,300 kilometers of coastline, much of it still undeveloped.

Which means plenty of oceanfront and ocean view property still available—and at an affordable price.

(Fun fact: 8.5 million people visited the D.R. last year, making it the most-visited destination in the Caribbean.)

And it also means, you’ll never run out of exciting things to see and do. 

The D.R. has it all:

  • Varied landscapes and climates, with big national parks to enjoy

  • Large urban areas, quaint towns and everything in between

  • Large communities of English-speaking foreigners

  • 500 years of culture: a mixture of African, Caribbean, North American and Latin American

  • Tons of beaches: from turquoise tranquility in the south to amazing surf in the north

  • 26 golf courses

And because it’s a big country, it has a big economy compared to its neighbours.

There are fully stocked, modern grocery stores. And stores like Costco, Walmart and other chains that carry the same goods. 

A big economy gives easier access—at better prices—to lots of the products you’re used to at home.

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