Ocean World Adventure Park

Enjoy close encounters with marine wildlife, birds and tigers, or soak in the dining and nightlife on restaurant terrace overlooking the marina.

Just ten minutes from Puerto Plata right on the ocean, you’ll find an amazing destination for both vacationers and locals.

Ocean World not only includes a private beach and marina.

It’s also an adventure park where you can observe and interact with marine animals, including sharks and dolphins.

And it’s a local hotspot for nightlife, with on-site restaurant terrace and bar.

Family fun for the entire family

When you enter the gates at Ocean World Adventure Park, be prepared for close encounters with beautiful creatures!

  • Ocean wildlife, including sea lions, sharks, rays and dolphins
  • Tropical wildlife, including birds, iguanas and tigers
  • Dolphin encounters and swims
  • Shark encounters and swims
  • Sea lion encounters

And plenty of places to stroll and relax:

  • Lagoon boardwalk
  • Private beach

1. Ticket office 2. Main entrance 3. Gift shop 4. Photo lab 5. Restaurant 6. Reefs 7. Marina 8. Shark Tanks 9. Bird Sanctuary 10. Amazonian fish 11. Iguana habitat 12. Koi fish pond 13. Macaws & toucans 14. Tiger grotto 15. Bar & snacks 16. Restrooms & change rooms 17. Dolphin pool 18. Rays 19. Dolphin show programming 20. Photo kiosk & locker rental 21. Dolphin encounter observation 22. Dolphin encounter 23. Beach 24. Toboggan Triple Twister ride 25. Boardwalks 26. Transportation exit 27. Ocean World Terrace restaurant

Cofresi Hills Residences

Only a stone’s throw away, you’ll find a new condo development called Cofresi Hills Residences. Each unit features 180 degrees of ocean views and a direct line-of-sight to the Marina. Eleven condos have been completed so far, each with top-quality construction and beautiful aesthetics.

With Ocean World so close, these units are a great investment for property investors. Vacationers can enjoy a luxury stay and all the amenities at Ocean World next door.

More info on Cofresi Hills Residences

Exciting Nightlife at Ocean World

Watch the sun set over the Atlantic Ocean while enjoying an excellent wine at Ocean World Terrace. The elegant restaurant has the largest variety of alcoholic beverage in all of Puerto Plata, from elegant champagne to traditional Rum.

It’s the perfect place for both locals and tourists to relax, watch ships in the marina below, or catch a sports game.

Afterwards, stroll Ocean World, soaking in the music and nightlife.

Visit the Ocean World website for more details.

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