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Welcome to MoveDominican’s content hub focused on properties for sale. This hub provides you with comprehensive information and listings for a wide range of properties across the Dominican Republic. Whether you’re looking for a vacation home, an investment property, or a new place to call home, you’ll find all the details and resources you need here.



  • Bienes Raíces Puerto Plata

Description: Explore real estate opportunities in Puerto Plata, known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant community.

Bienes Raíces Puerto Plata

  • North Coast Real Estate

Description: Discover a variety of properties available along the stunning North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

North Coast Real Estate

  • Nuevo Proyecto Esmeralda en Sosua Ocean Village

Description: Learn about the new Esmeralda project in Sosua Ocean Village, offering luxurious living options.

Nuevo Proyecto Esmeralda en Sosua Ocean Village

  • 222 Condominiums Residences

Description: Check out the modern and stylish 222 Condominiums Residences, perfect for those seeking a contemporary lifestyle.

222 Condominiums Residences

  • Vacation Home

Description: Find the perfect vacation home in the Dominican Republic to enjoy your holidays in paradise.

Vacation Home

  • Income Property

Description: Invest in income properties that offer great returns in the booming Dominican real estate market.

Income Property

  • Stella Residences Star Hills

Description: Discover Stella Residences in Star Hills, featuring luxurious homes with breathtaking views.

Stella Residences Star Hills

  • Sea Glass

Description: Explore the Sea Glass development, offering elegant residences with modern amenities.

Sea Glass

  • Cofresi Hills Residences

Description: Check out Cofresi Hills Residences for upscale living in a prime location.

Cofresi Hills Residences

  • Brisas del Choco

Description: Discover the beautiful Brisas del Choco development, perfect for those looking for serene living.

Brisas del Choco

  • Big Hills Pro Cab

Description: Explore properties in Big Hills Pro Cab, offering spacious homes and a great community atmosphere.

Big Hills Pro Cab

  • 4 Bedroom Villa in Sosua Hills

Description: Find out more about this stunning 4-bedroom villa in Sosua Hills, ideal for family living.

4 Bedroom Villa in Sosua Hills

  • Brisas del Choco 3

Description: Learn about the latest phase of Brisas del Choco, featuring new and improved residences.

Brisas del Choco 3

  • Agua Dulce

Description: Explore the Agua Dulce development for luxurious waterfront living.

Agua Dulce

  • Kite Beach Villas Cabarete

Description: Discover Kite Beach Villas in Cabarete, perfect for water sports enthusiasts.

Kite Beach Villas Cabarete

  • Downtown Residences

Description: Check out Downtown Residences for urban living with all the conveniences.

Downtown Residences

  • The Garden

Description: Explore The Garden development, offering beautiful homes in a peaceful setting.

The Garden

  • Valparaiso Residence

Description: Discover Valparaiso Residence for luxurious living in a prime location

Valparaiso Residence

  • Villas Perla

Description: Learn about Villas Perla, offering elegant and spacious homes.

Villas Perla

  • Brisas del Choco 2-2

Description: Discover more options in the Brisas del Choco community.

Brisas del Choco 2-2

  • Villas Larimar

Description: Check out Villas Larimar for luxury living in a serene environment.

Villas Larimar

  • Hispaniola Beach

Description: Explore properties in Hispaniola Beach, known for its stunning beachfront views.

Hispaniola Beach

  • Tropical Paradise Garden

Description: Discover the Tropical Paradise Garden development for lush, tropical living.

Tropical Paradise Garden

  • Escondido Bay

Description: Learn about Escondido Bay, offering exclusive residences in a prime location.

Escondido Bay

  • Riviera Del Mar

Description: Check out Riviera Del Mar for luxurious beachfront properties.

Riviera Del Mar

  • The Rizz

Description: Explore The Rizz for modern, stylish living options.

The Rizz

  • Ocean Club

Description: Discover the Ocean Club for premium seaside living.

Ocean Club

  • Seawinds

Description: Learn about the Seawinds development, offering beautiful oceanfront homes.


  • Dominion Luxury Villas Perla Marina

Description: Check out Dominion Luxury Villas in Perla Marina for upscale living.

Dominion Luxury Villas Perla Marina

  • Macao Hills Phase 2

Description: Explore Macao Hills Phase 2 for new development opportunities.

Macao Hills Phase 2

  • Fortunity Beach Tower 2

Description: Discover Fortunity Beach Tower 2 for luxurious high-rise living.

Fortunity Beach Tower 2

  • Primaveral Residence III

Description: Check out Primaveral Residence III for modern, elegant homes.

Primaveral Residence III

  • Condos for Sale Dominican Republic

Description: Discover a variety of condos for sale, offering modern living in prime locations.

Condos for Sale Dominican Republic

  • North Coast Real Estate 2

Description: Explore additional properties available along the North Coast.

North Coast Real Estate 2

  • Encuentro Residences

Description: Learn about Encuentro Residences for stylish and modern homes.

Encuentro Residences

  • Perfect Location Modern Design

Description: Find properties that combine perfect location with modern design.

Perfect Location Modern Design


Kite Beach Villas

Description: Check out Kite Beach Villas for prime beachfront living.

Kite Beach Villas

  • Kite Beach Villas Buyers Guide

Description: Get a detailed buyers guide for Kite Beach Villas.

Kite Beach Villas Buyers Guide

  • Fortunity Beach Tower 2 Development

Description: Learn more about the development process of Fortunity Beach Tower 2.

Fortunity Beach Tower 2 Development

  • Casa Linda Resales

Description: Discover resale opportunities in the Casa Linda community.

Casa Linda Resales


Description: Explore properties in Mountain Village, offering tranquil living in a beautiful setting.

Mountain Village


Description: Additional properties in Mountain Village for serene living.

Mountain Village 2


Description: Discover the new Villa Las Palmas project for luxurious living.

Nuevo Proyecto Villa Las Palmas


Description: Explore Greenone for sustainable and eco-friendly living options.



Description: Learn more about Encuentro Residences for modern and stylish homes.

Encuentro Residences 2


Description: Discover the Plantation community in Puerto Plata for elegant living.

Puerto Plata Communities Plantation


Description: Check out Villas Coral for luxurious and spacious homes.

Villas Coral


Description: Find more properties available for sale in Santiago.

Propiedades Santiago


Description: Browse through a comprehensive list of properties available for sale.

Property Search Results


Description: Discover luxurious villas available for sale in prime locations.



Description: Discover luxury apartments in Natural Habitat for modern living.

Natural Habitat Luxury Apartments


Description: Check out hillside condos in Sosua for serene living with stunning views.

Hillside Condos Sosua


Description: Explore Cayena Residences for luxurious and modern homes.

Cayena Residences


Description: Learn about Habi Dominicana Christamar for premium living options.

Habi Dominicana Christamar

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