Thinking Tropical? Choose to Live on (and Visit) a Big Island like the Dominican Republic

It’s different on a big island. In the Dominican Republic, you’ll never get bored. You’ll never run out of safe, friendly places to explore and enjoy. And being a big island, the DR has a big economy, meaning a more affordable cost of living.


So what do you know about the Dominican Republic? 

You probably know it’s got tropical beaches. You might assume the sunsets are beautiful. And you may have heard that the people here are warm and friendly.

But you know what? That describes a lot of islands in the Caribbean.

However, unlike almost any other place in the Caribbean—and what really sets it apart—the Dominican Republic is a BIG island.


The Dominican Republic isn’t just sandy Caribbean beaches or beautiful sunsets…

How big?

The country’s landmass is almost 50,000 square miles. That’s as big as Connecticut and New Jersey combined. 

There’s 796 miles of coastline for you to enjoy and explore. 

And it’s got 11 million people, more than any other country in the Caribbean except Cuba.

The Dominican Republic has big cities too: The capital Santo Domingo has 3 and a half million people, making it the largest city in the entire Caribbean. Santiago, its second city, has over a million people.

11 million people live in the Dominican Republic. The country is as big as Connecticut and New Jersey combined.

We’ll say it again: the Dominican Republic is a BIG island.

And here’s why big is better.

Reason 1: Big Island = Big Economy

In the DR, you have access to more goods and services than anywhere else in the Caribbean. 

Almost everything you’d buy at the supermarket back home is available here. You’re able to buy everything you’d want, from daily necessities to luxury goods. 

And the cost of living, especially on the North Coast, is surprisingly affordable. 

A couple can live comfortably here on a pensioner’s budget; for $2,000 US per month, you can really live well. 

The DR isn’t a third world country; rather, we like to say it’s a one-third country. Compared to most other places in the Caribbean and Central America, almost everything you’d want to buy is a third of the cost.

This includes the cost of real estate. 

Here, beautiful homes are still within reach for the typical person. Even ocean view properties in the DR are still relatively affordable.

With so much coastline, much of it still undeveloped, there’s still lots of great oceanside property available for foreign buyers.

Reason 2: So Much to See and Do

Even when you regularly visit the DR or live here full time, you’ll never run out of things to do.

The DR isn’t just beautiful, sandy beaches, although there are countless ones for you to visit. 

Being a big island, the Dominican Republic has been a cultural crossroads for 500 years. Here you’ll find an exciting mix of cultures, from Spanish and Caribbean, to African, Latin American and North American. 

There’s so much cultural variety for you to discover, whether you’d like to explore new music, the arts, festivals, or cuisines. 

It’s such a big country, you’ll always find a new place to explore, a new restaurant to try, or new activity to enjoy.

There’s golfing: 

Choose from 26 golf courses across the island, many with breathtaking oceanside holes and PGA-level design and quality.

There’s water sports:

Including surfing, kite surfing, scuba diving and windsurfing. In fact, the North Coast is the kite surfing capital of the world. 

There’s outdoor adventure:

The mountains, forests, coastal plains and jungle are an almost endless playground for you to explore, whether on foot, horseback or off road vehicle.

Whatever outdoor adventure you’re looking for or are willing to try, it’s there for you.

Reason 3: It’s Easy to Get to the Dominican Republic

Being a big island has another advantage:

Getting here is easy. 

You can fly direct to the DR from numerous airports in the United States and Canada. 

There are tons of regular flights, sometimes daily, and airlines are adding more every month.

Leave your home first thing in the morning and be on a tropical beach by afternoon.

Choose a BIG island

Do you want to:

  • Escape cold winters?
  • Make a smart investment?
  • Find new adventures?
  • Stretch your retirement nest egg further?

If any of these describe you, then make sure you choose a big island.

Choose the Dominican Republic!

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